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We have been there
IoT product dev is painful
We started Grandeur in 2018 because we wanted to make smart home tech more affordable and accessible to people. In order to achieve that, we designed a $50 smart socket board with which the connected appliances could be controlled through mobile applications over internet. It was revolutionary because it enabled users to get the advantages of automating homes and offices without ever upgrading appliances.
Then came the real challenge, we wanted to reach out to millions of people with our tech, because that was the goal. This means we gotta build a better mobile applications, robust hardware and a super scalable backend. We were still sophomores and on top of all that, we gotta figure out that how we are gonna manufacture our product and then how to scale everything.
One year down the road... the software stack was ready but we were still in the lab! We were financing our project from our personal savings and it just took too much time to develop the production ready tech stack. We were broke before we could even make it to the market.
It made us to think and we realized about a big problem. IoT is hard because even bootstrapping a project take ages as the dev is required over an immense and complex technology stack.
We decided to fix it and that's how Grandeur Cloud was born.
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We are being
led by industry experts
Our advisors have diverse range of experience in our domain, have led world class teams at Fortune 500 and have exited startups backed by top investors.
Aadil Maan
Director Program Management — Nike
Ex Google, Apple, Blackberry
Ali Zahid
Director of Partnerships — Unsplash
Ex Founder Vanhawks @YC
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We are here to
put a dent in the universe
We started as three, then became five and now we are a growing community. What makes us special is our unique chemistry and perspective. What binds us together is our thirst to make a difference.
Moiz Husnain
Chief Executive Officer
Electrical Engineer, jack of all trades. He is our product architect.
Muhammad Abdullah
Chief Product Officer
Electrical Engineer, product person of our team. He manages the projects.
Muhammad Hamza
Chief Security Officer
Electrical Engineer, manages the integrity of our platform.
Talha Saleem
Chief Technology Officer
Computer Scientist, engineering lead of the company. He is the soul of our team.
Ahmad Nisar
VP Design
Computer Scientist, the person behind look and feel of our company.